Tamiko Tauri

IC Tamiko Tauri Cvirn, CZ

Tamiko is an incredibly tender, cute and playful cat. She has a nice, relaxed and social character. She is a blue unguided missile that loves toys. If she wants to play, she will lead us to a drawer where some of the toys are kept safe from unwanted paws so that she can choose the right one between them. Tami is probably the most talkative of our cats. She communicates with us with a gentle chirping, a short or longer meowing or a higher meowing when she claims something good to eat or in response to our call. However, she still maintains the famous Chartreux gentle sound of her voice and discreetness of expression. She doesn't spoil any fun and she likes to hide and seek. Sometimes when we play with her, we must change and take a rest time because her energy sources seem inexhaustible, unlike ours.